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    Warning :


    Post by |♥Chan2x on Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:38 pm

    - bisaya,tagalog,english Only on forum.
    -english and tagalog as our main language
    - Speak decently, no unnecessary provocations and such (keep it in game).

    - No Porn or Nudity (remember that a lot of underage people are here).

    - No Spamming outside the Spam Zone (makes our jobs easier if people post in the correct areas and dont make unnecessary posts). Making NONSENSE thread is also accepted as spamming .

    - Use Search Function before posting new threads about questions already asked/solved, post in those threads instead.

    other sites/forum is NOT allowed, no matter what reason! doing
    it anyway will result in a warning and eventually a ban.

    - Forum is for all, no one is above anyone here except staff members (GFX MOD/CO-ADMIN/Super MOD/Admin).

    - Admins word is final.

    Super Mods/ Co-Admin/ Admins have the right to change certain rules under
    certain circumstances and can add more rules if needed in the situation.

    Super Mods only job is to keep forum clean and respectable, not to answer
    questions. if a Mod answers a question its his/her own decision to do
    so, he/she is not demanded to answer questions, its not a part of the

    - Forum is made for facebook users and willing to join us, questions by forumers, answers
    by forumers, announcements by staff, so ask anyone, not just staff

    - Forum is supposed to be a friendly and helpful place
    to be, its a community, and a community is only as bad as the people in
    it, show us that u are good people and let us build a great community.

    When posting a report of a exploiter or other, please
    provide proof in form of screenshots, if no
    proof is given, the report is only an accusation and will not be

    -Accusations and attacking staff members for no
    valid reason is NOT allowed and will resolve into a punishment of
    various degrees. wether the reason is valid or not, is chosen by the
    Attacking staff members for reasons that have no relation to
    them or their work is not allowed either and will be punished

    - And last but not least, remember to have fun and enjoy your stay.

    should be only 450x x 160px Maximum.You can use 2 Signatures but please
    do not use beyond the given size, and limit the text on it. Any member
    would not follow will be give a warning.

    Should be only 150x x 150px Maximum.

    User bar:
    Limit of 400px x 30px on its dimension.

    Thank You.

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